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Study Pal Online Institute presents its pioneering (AsSamina الثمينة) Authentic Aalimah Course.

The course provides a unique opportunity to study Arabic and Islamic Sciences to an advanced level through part-time study and a dynamic selection of modules.

The entire syllabus is primarily authorised by Sister Fakeha, a Certified Aalimah, Educationist, and an MS. Engineering Graduate and is designed to train students to become proficient in and acquainted with the Islamic intellectual heritage.

The programme is divided into three parts:

Foundation level: Certificate in Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences (1 and half years MAK Multiple Arabic Keys Course)
Multiple Arabic Keys”(MAK) is three semester Arabic Grammar Course. It is actually first three semesters of 4 years(eight semesters) aalimah course. Therefore, a MAK Certified student can take admission in the fourth semester of الثمینه SAMINA AUTHENTIC AALIMAH COURSE.
MAK first semester is equivalent to the الثمینه SAMINA AUTHENTIC AALIMAH COURSE first semester.
Intermediate level: Diploma in Classical Arabic and Islamic Disciplines (2 and half years SAA Samina Authentic Aalimah Course)
Advanced level: Licence in Islamic Scholarship (2 years Be a Part of JASMINE Garden)

Our Foundation level programme MAK spans over the course of one and half years and is delivered part-time through our 4days/3 days a week structure. Choose to study either 4 days or 3days live online via our bespoke learning management system: StudyOnline Institute

“Our purpose at SPI is not to read a book and just translate it, our focus is to teach the science properly, discuss the arguments and understand its contemporary applications.”
— Engr. Aalimah Fakeha Iqtidar Khan | Principal & Founder

Find out more: www.studypalinstitute.com

So what are you waiting for? Book your slots now.
Limited seats on first come first serve basis. 

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