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Empowering Young Minds & Shaping Futures: Welcome to Study Pal Institute

Founded by Ms. Fakeha Iqtidar Khan, Study Pal Institute goes beyond traditional education. Ms. Khan’s remarkable background in Engineering, AI-powered digital marketing, Neuro-linguistic programming, Islamic scholarship (Aalimah), and educational management allows us to offer a unique learning experience.

We specialize in creating engaging and effective courses specifically designed to meet the needs of children and women. Whether you seek academic support, Islamic studies, or personal growth, our tailored programs empower individuals to unlock their full potential.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Ms. Khan’s diverse expertise, we offer a holistic approach to learning that combines academic rigor with personal development and Islamic values.
  • Tailored Programs: We believe in individualized learning. Our courses are designed to cater to the specific needs and goals of each student.
  • Empowering Focus: Study Pal Institute is dedicated to fostering a love for learning in children and women, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

Ready to embark on your learning journey? Contact us today to explore our programs and discover how Study Pal Institute can help you achieve your academic and personal aspirations.

Courses Offered by Fakeha Iqtidar

Empower yourself with: 1.Expert Arabic & Tajweed Instruction: Recite the Quran with fluency and accuracy. 2.In-depth Islamic Finance Knowledge: Navigate financial decisions with Islamic principles. 3. Inheritance Law Exploration: Secure your future and your loved ones'. 4. The Transformative Power of the 30 Juz: Deepen your understanding and connection with the Quran.

Services Available with Fakeha Khan

At Fakeha Khan's Portfolio, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs: 1. NLP Coaching Cycle: Unlock your full potential with our personalized Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching sessions. Empower yourself to overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and achieve unparalleled success in both your personal and professional life. 2. AI-Powered Website Designing: Stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art AI-powered website designing services. From sleek and modern layouts to seamless user experiences, we'll transform your digital vision into reality, driving engagement and maximizing conversions. 3. Islamic Finance Solutions: Experience financial freedom while staying true to your values with our comprehensive Islamic finance solutions. Whether you're seeking ethical investments, Sharia-compliant banking services, or guidance on zakat and sadaqah, we've got you covered. 4. Edu Elevate Empowerment: Empower the next generation with our innovative educational solutions. From curriculum development to teacher training and student empowerment programs, we're dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and growth. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your digital presence and make a lasting impact in your industry. Contact us now to get started!

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Introducing Shakeb Ara Scholars: To Plant a🌴 is to believe in tomorrow.🌟 Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others? Welcome to Shakeb Ara Scholars, where our commitment to education, community support, and empowerment knows no bounds.

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We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance communication and streamline processes, we have established dedicated email addresses for each of our ten departments, organizational units, and our founder. Feel free to use the following email addresses for direct communication: islamicq& Additionally, you can contact our founder directly at: These new email addresses will make it easier for you to reach the specific department you need, ensuring a more efficient and prompt response to your inquiries. We believe that this improvement will contribute to a smoother and more effective communication experience for everyone involved. Thank you for your continued support. Best regards, Study Pal Institute Team

Upgrade Your Skills with Online Course & Services

Productivity Camps @ Wali Muhammad Educational Planning & Management
Aalimah Courses/Productivity Camps @ Jahan Ara Samina Mualimaat 
Tajweed & Tahfeez Courses @ UmruNisa Hifz

Our Top Courses

Empower your faith and focus: Productivity Camps blend Islamic studies with modern tools, helping kids and adults thrive in a digital world.

Our Student's Feedback

Here are what our students and parents are saying in their reviews

Very good experience for my daughter. She started from zero and Miss Fakeha taught her really well. She made great progress in tajweed, recitation and memorising Juzz Amma with translation. My daughter joined Islamic School and her Arabic teacher and Imam are very happy about how she is performing in class as compared to the other kids who are learning for years. I recommend Miss Fakeha if you want your kid to read and understand Quran properly.
Or Han
Melbourne, Australia
Great teacher, very good and patient with kids. Very good curriculum ad well
Ambreen Asif
Muscat, Oman
I studied Quran under Ms. Fakeha Iqtidar. Beyond teaching Quran, she also provided motivational lectures on educational planning and management. Inspired by her guidance, I enrolled in the prestigious NUST Engineering University. Alhamdulillah!
Engineering Student


Our Founder’s Achievements

Where Are Our Students Enrolled?

Through our mentorship program, we’ve helped many students achieve their dreams by enrolling in prestigious engineering universities like LUMS, FAST, NUST, and Szabist.